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13 October, 17:00 – 19:15 – ONLINE SESSION

This is an ONLINE event dedicated to our premium members who attended our previous introductory workshops, to deepen understanding of risks, rewards, difficulties and best practices about angel investing. We will also cover market conditions and 2024 predictions for venture capital markets, how to best serve our existing and future investments considering a less dynamic capital market.

Confirmed speakers are:

Qasar Younis – US California based founder of Applied Intuition and former COO Y Combinator, investor in large portfolio of start ups will talk about innovation, US markets and future trends in tech. – linkedin.com/in/qasar

Josh Stein – London based Investment expert in venture capital, angel investor and board member in many startups will talk about how to build a portfolio of successful as an angellinkedin.com/in/joshuastein1

Agata Leliwa Nowicka – UK based investor and entrepreneur, founder of Female Foundry, advisors and mentor for startups around the world will cover mainly how to make most from a founder/angel relationship.linkedin.com/in/agata-nowicka

Join our session and advance your knowledge with top expertise from successful angels.
Access is only available for premium members – Please see our Membership options or write at ilinca@bravva.ro for information.

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