2024-04-17 to 2024-06-30

BFF – Incubator de incredere.

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2024-04-17 to 2024-06-30

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Impact Hub Universitate

Our mission is to offer integrative education and support to brave hearted female founders with scalable businesses and our vision is to build an international net of female founders who grow economical power.

Program Pilot – Openin Act

Program Scope: Succeed in business with positive energy and flow. Grow your company choosing a direction which is aligned and natural.

What are the program pillars?  

Building the Center through Systemic Work  – offline work, in connection and safety.
Business is built on the personal foundation. Energy flows between who we are and what we create in professional activities. At BFF we work with principles of systemic work to build wisdom, deep trust and a sense of intuition.  The principles are Order, Belong, Exchange, and Destination.

Creating Progress through Group Coaching – offline dialogue, progress monitoring, fail-forward.
Part of this foundation is our connection and cooperation with others, facing similar challenges. Answers are out there, sometimes seen by others before you. At BFF we work group coaching methods to facilitate progress in a context of safety and empowerment.

Micro Learning from Experts Sessions – online expert sessions, on topic with Q&A or topic presentation.
Resources are available but without clarity, we waste them. Being sharp about our goals and needs will transform the mentoring workshops into information that lands with impact. At BFF we organize sessions with experts, facilitating loops of micro learning, with angels and mentors. 

Problem solving in Master Minds groups – offline or online circle of trust.  
“You are not alone” is our mantra. We create an exchange where you give and receive to your peers. Having your board of advisors can be complicated, but at BFF it is not. We create MasterMinds groups and facilitate problem solving with women you trust and like, facing similar challenges.

Building the Center through Systemic Work – 1 systemic workshop of 5 hours 
Creating Progress through Group Coaching – 3 group coaching sessions of 2 hours each
Micro Learning from Experts Sessions – 3 meetings with experts, 2 hour each 
Problem solving in MasterMinds groups – 2 MasterMinds sessions, 2 hours each
5h hours systemic work / 6 hours coaching work / 6 hours learning work / 4 hours of problem solving

EXTRA : we invite you to participate in networking event Ginger Night and observe a Pitch session.


Group coaching: Monica Aliman. 
Systemic work: Ilinca Paun / Monica Aliman.  
Expert Meet Up: Delia Necula, Carmen Ivan, Nina Bratfalean, Andreea Pipernea, Ilinca Paun.  
Master Mind: Delia Necula, Andreea Pipernea, Ilinca Paun.

This Opening Act has a co-creation approach, money back guaranteed!
You pay 300 Euro plus VAT, and at the end of the program in late June you have two options: 

  1. Become in the FIRST FIFTEEN members of this community, starting with September 01 and receive the 300 Euro you paid as voucher, renewable every year. Your membership will cost with 1050 Euro / year + VAT.
  2. Decide not to join as a member, for any reason, no questions asked and we will refund the 300 Euro you paid for the MVP. We welcome any type of feedback you feel to share so we can improve and create a transformational program.

We welcome you!
Monica Aliman – Partner Bravva FF, Entrepreneur, Coach, Systemic facilitator.
Ilinca Paun – Partner Bravva FF, Founder Bravva Angels, Coach, Systemic facilitator, angel investor. 

BFF is an educational program developed for female founders, created and offered by a team of business partners, under the umbrella and with the support of the Bravva Angels founding members and angels.  

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Opening Act

Pilot program April - June 2024

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