2024-05-10 to 2024-05-12


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2024-05-10 to 2024-05-12

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ACACIA Village

The tension between “see me” and “let me be” needs a healthy movement. It starts from the men-fathers and women-mothers relationships and it moves into the personal and professional relationships.

  • How can we include the love and support of our ancestors? By not doing it alone, we grow into connection, interdependence and gratefulness.
  • What happens when the man or the woman in the work or personal relationship becomes successful? What do we gain and what do we loose in the connection?
  • How can we stay out of the trap of trying to heal in the relationship what needs to be healed on our own?

In order to reconnect with others, we need to reconnect with the qualities we received and did not give enough recognition to. They harbour the roots we need to move from interaction to connection, from compromise to dignity. And from there we can weave into our personal and professional lives the strength of separation with the vital togetherness.

This is an inner growth workshop, singles and couples are equally welcome. On Friday afternoon we will be working together in the mixed group, on Saturday we will be working in separate men and women groups and on Sunday morning we will harvest the take-aways in the mixed group again.

Co-trainers for the women group: Ria Verlinden, Ilinca Păun
Co-trainers for the men group: Junior Mthombeni, Cosmin Alexandru, Iulian Cîrciumaru

The group of facilitators come together with their very different backgrounds (arts, therapy, education, business) and with a common interest and passion for exploration and growth. Spiritual and pragmatic will join forces to unlock potential for personal and professional fulfilment.

Date: May 10-12, 2024
Start of event: 10 May, Friday, 14:00 PM
End of event: Sunday 12:00 PM

Location: Acacia Village, approx. 1 hour drive from Bucharest
Accommodation is offered in rooms for 2 persons. There are 16 comfortable bungalows and double rooms. There are also 5 apartments, for the early bird participants. Meals will be served as follows: breakfast, light lunch, dinner, with coffee and water all day. The location offer also various activities, for breaks or relaxing time, all available for your stay. More details on the ACACIA website.

Participation price:
Location: EUR 245 + VAT
Training: EUR 235 + VAT
Total: EUR 480 + VAT

Payments will be made in RON, as follows:
Location costs: RON 1,443 (VAT included) as registration, non-reimbursable after 01 May.
Training costs: RON 1,390 (VAT included) as confirmation, on 01 May.
Payments to be made online, by card, please proceed to link below.
Invoice will be issued automatically by our system separate for each payment, on physical person or company, at your choice. For the option of online bank transfers or Revolut, please write your request at ilinca@bravva.ro.

Participants: 15-20 per men/women group

Language: English

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This is an advance payment for the location of the event, out of the total fee of 2833 RON. The final payment will be paid on April 20. This advance will not be reimburse after that date.

RON 1,443.00

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