Ginger Night – Brave and Alone? 23 April, 18:30, Doro 16

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Doro 16

Brave and alone? How to have success in a new industry. 
Ginger Night is a networking and educational event for the Bravva Community. We meet for a glass of wine to share ideas, make connections and get inspired. We keep it cozy and cool.Venture Capital is a rough, transaction based, dry industry. Or so it was. Mary Andronic is probably the first woman lawyer to join the men club into VC early on in Romania. Not just through offering legal service, but building event, a community around an exotic topic and making investments as an angel. She started her entrepreneurial journey as partner at Andronic X Partners recently. 

It takes courage to start new, as an underdog, in any new industry. And for a long time, it feels a lonely place. Is the price of being brave and different worth? We welcome all community members and friends to join the Ginger Night events under the umbrella of connection and education. This year educational partners are George Banking, a BCR innovation and Green Revolution.

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Bravva Capital Str Dobrota 3 Bucharest