Ginger Night – Spring Edition

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Doro 16

We invite all community members and friends to celebrate spring by joining our well appreciated networking event, for idea sharing and connecting people over a good glass of wine. Location of the event is Doro 16, Bucharest, and event starts at 18:30.

This edition brings two important players for Venture Capital:

Simona Gemeneanu is Partner at Morphosis Capital, a private equity firm that invest cross multiple sectors, in growth stages of the company. For founders, understanding private equity means understanding measure of growth success and how to prepare. Being among very few women partners in venture capital she comes with her angle about what can we change to empower women in entrepreneurship.

Dan Mihaescu is Founding Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners and is one of the few relevant VC active and succesful in Romania. FintechOS, Druid or Soleadify (Veridion) are starts ups in their portfolio of almost 45 companies.

Please join us in exploring spring vibes, learning and networking in the venture capital world.

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