2024-05-31 to 2025-04-30

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2024-05-31 to 2025-04-30

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Bravva Membership is a 12 months access to all events, educational workshops and opportunities to invest in startups, contributing to the growth of the female founders success and companies growth.

  • Access to angel investing services – we offer for members the coordination of prospecting, preparing pipeline, coordination of rounds, due diligence, syndication services, angel support. Coordination of rounds and account management for syndicate company set up is included in membership. All other legal and accounting fees are extra.
  • Join Pitch Perfect – 1 / month – online!
    Our core monthly online sessions bring handpicked start ups to present their idea, plan and investment proposal. This annual membership will offer you 20 startup opportunities to choose for your portfolio.
  • Stay connected through Bravva Community WhatsApp group for asking questions about any topic related to start up ecosystem, investment terms, technical aspects, and share ideas and leads to bring best female founders of tech start ups into our community and offer support. Together we learn to become better angels.
  • Study to Become an Angel Workshop – 2/year, Spring and Autumn edition!
    Don’t miss this amazing educational 2 Day program to learn and master angel investing. A practical workshop to learn the language of venture capital from experienced investors and VC funds representatives.
  • Learn @Angel Advanced workshops- 2/year, Spring and Autumn edition!
    Be first to find out what is new in the world of VC, in dialogues and Q&A with with international speakers – UK, USA and Europe.
  • Network @Ginger Night – 8-9 / year
    Meet and have a glass of wine with founders and angels in a networking event where we invite speakers with experience in venture capital to share lessons – stories that shaped their success.
  • Create your angel personal brand on the Mentoring and resource platform – list your knowledge, services, network and support to the founders in the best way they see fit, also outside their portfolio of investments.
  • Being a investor in startups involves high risks, the lack of liquidity and lack of yearly dividends. The decision to make investments is a entirely the angel responsibility and we encourage the use of only a fraction of the available funds for investment to be used in angel investing. Angel investing has a long term return period in average (7-10 years) and because of its high risk, it will also bring forward investments that fail. Choosing the startups to invest is a responsible process and education is needed before. We advise every angel participates at the Become An Angel workshop organized twice per year, before starting investing. The startups we include in our Pitch Perfect sessions dedicated to our premium members are not endorsed in any form and we do not provide advisory services and investment consultancy. The decision to invest is yours only. If you require help in evaluating a decision to invest, you should consult a professional adviser.

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