Systemic Coaching – Building deep trust. On 27 June h14:00 – 19:00, @Dacia 99.

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We invite female entrepreneurs and leaders of projects and organizations to become aware of the systems they belong to, and the dynamics that exists, what is in balance and what not.
Deep trust comes from allowing life, and our work is about seeing reality as is and gaining a new interpretation that welcomes success and happiness.

We work in a group, in safe connection and debrief our work together, to facilitate integration. The objective to achieve awareness of reality and rewrite our reactive patterns to what is coming.

The exercises are about representing physically and symbolically the parts and dynamics of the system, and collecting information through body awareness. The principles of the systemic work are: Exchange, Belong, Order and Destiny.

Co-facilitators: Ilinca Paun & Monica Aliman.


The methodology works for individuals, families and organizations. It has been brought first into family therapy by Bert Hellinger (1980s) and continued by many professional trainers, becoming now a way to transform beliefs and patterns in any system we are part of, small or big.

Our work as facilitators Bravva started with Ria Verlinden in 2023, and many events followed in our community, co-facilitated together with Ria and other trainers from Romania and from abroad – Belgium and Netherland.

Our mission is to use this methodology as a foundation for female founders programs in Bravva, as it is a transformative work, with efficient and long lasting results.

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