2024-09-06 to 2024-09-07

The Soul of the Winner

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2024-09-06 to 2024-09-07

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Winning what we aim for takes courage, energy and, sometimes, full dedication to the goal. We
have to be sharp, focused and resilient day after day, for prolonged periods of time. Winning
one goal gives us the impetus to strive for a bigger one, winning this one makes us dream for a
more ambitious one and so on.

The speed and the steep path looks rewarding, but it may come to deplete ourselves of the
attention our body and our soul need in order to support our ambition. What started as a quest
becomes a race and then a struggle. It’s costlier and lonelier with every win.
In this two-day workshop we explore ways to continue winning what is important for our brain
without losing what is important for our hearts. Maybe unravel ways of winning something
without losing someone. And, ultimately, wining without getting lost.
What do we need to keep alive, as men and women, in order to enjoy winning? And how can we
do it? Let’s find our own answers together!

Co-trainers: Ria Verlinden, Ilinca Păun, Cosmin Alexandru, Iulian Cîrciumaru 
Date: September 6-7, 2024 (10.00 – 17.00)
Location: Bucharest
Cost: 380 euro (VAT inclus)/participant;
Language: English

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