Are you a female founder?




of Romania venture capital volume in 2021 was invested in female founders.


of the EU venture capital transactions was invested in female founders.


higher returns on investment is achieved on on long term by women led tech companies.


Setting our minds and hearts to achieve an ambitious goal

Our purpose is to invest and attract co-investment for start ups to increase the percentage of venture capital backing for Romanian females from less than 1% to 5%, by 2030. The volume we target to invest in very early stage start ups is 10 Million Euro by 2025.


When we reached the stage of raising money for our start-up, we felt anxious because we have never done it at this scale, we didn’t know where to start and who to talk to. What I truly appreciated about Bravva Angels is the fact that the process is not just about the final transaction, but about the journey. We have received guidance, and mentoring through the entire process. We felt that raising money was not a pressure anymore and that we have Bravva next to us as support.

Raluca Enache

Co-founder @Glow2Go

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Bridging the gender gap in venture capital.

Bridging the gender gap in venture capital.
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Investment readiness

In the heat of developing a start up, the moment of investment requires clarity for direction and goals, product priority features, client journey mapping, budget details and a fair deal for investors. Bravva team is coaching your team into the investment readiness process.

Network with great minds.

Matching smart money
for your start up

You need real investors for your real business. We match you with angels that can offer money, client leads, people hires and a lot of insights for your growth. And are also cool people with strong values and future oriented mindset.

Give back what you know.

Community of mentors
and female founders.

The journey of entrepreneurship is very hard and full of obstacles. Bravva community is a place where you never feel you are alone, where other female founders share their struggles and mentors are available to help and inspire you to go on and keep the dream and achieve your goals.

Receive selected deal flow.

Follow on rounds for your growth.

First money is maybe easier to find, but great investors are the ones who back you all along the way and offer bridge rounds or loans and also secure new money from VC or other players. Bravva is building partnerships to support not just pre-seed money but all financing necessary for your start ups, so that your ideas can be implemented for a sustainable growth.

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